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Sreevidhya Santhosh, founder of Calibri Training & Development is a successful Entrepreneur, Career Expert, Motivational Speaker, Life coach and Business Strategist. A speaker with a proven record in team and confidence building, her style is highly enthusiastic and motivational, guaranteed to make people realize and recognize their potential. She is equally at home training small groups, coaching senior individuals, developing a team and providing an entertaining & motivational talk to larger gatherings. She communicates well at all levels and is also an accomplished business & management trainer, who has scaled unbelievable heights from humble beginnings. Sreevidhya has influenced thousands of students to choose the right career path and helped them be more informed about better educational and career choices. She is known for empowering people around the world to discover their ideal careers and live a life of their dreams.

Full Name                     sreevidhya santhosh
profession                  career guider,motivational speaker

Srividya’s younger years were as motivational and inspiring as it is now. Born and brought up in a rural hamlet of Kerala, Srividya started working at the young age of 18 and earned her Degrees through distance education programs proving that skills are more important than formal education. Her reliable management abilities helped her rise to the position of ‘State Head & Trainer’ of the Finishing school run by the Kerala State Government at a very tender age. She also adorns the title of the youngest ‘Media Station Head’ associated with a prominent FM channel.


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